Powder checking - Removing Foreign Bodies

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Why checking the powder

Checking powder means to make sure that no foreign body is being carried with the powder, either at the beginning of the process (powder bought from a supplier) or at the end of the process (prior to delivery to the custormer or packaging).

Foreign bodies can damage process equipments, significantly increases the ATEX risk, and can ultimately be carried to the customers where claims are then likely.

This chapter presents the following ways of checking that the powder is free of Foreigns bodies. 3 equipments are presented

Sieves (vibrating sieves, Vibrating sifters)

Magnets (static, rotary magnets)

Metal Detectors

Types of sieves Types of Magnets How is the detection performed ?
Vibrating Sieves Mechanical Design Extractors Rejection
Vibrating Sieves Sizing Magnet design and sizing Chosing the right metal detector
Troubleshooting Positions of magnet

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