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Section summary
Index to all knowledge interesting to Process Engineers in the field of Pneumatic Conveying. This pneumatic conveying design guide is split in pages that can be consulted independently

Pneumatic transport and conveying

The different types of pneumatic transport

Pressure and vacuum pneumatic transport

The different phases of pneumatic transport

Lean phase and dense phase pneumatic transport

Lean Phase / Dilute phase – pneumatic transport

Design and operation of dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems

Dense Phase – pneumatic transport

Design and operation of dense phase pneumatic conveying systems

Air mover

Different types of air mover - driving force - for pneumatic conveying

Roots blower

Roots blower design, typical operating pressure

Roots blower performance curve

How to read, use and make key calculations thanks to a blower performance chart

After Cooler

Use and design of blowers after coolers

Airlock Rotary valve

Design, operation and sizing of airlock rotary valves

Product Inlet / Injector

The different equipment used to bring powder in the conveying line


Pipe layout, pipe connections


Filtering media, filter design and filter sizing criteria

Pick-up speed / minimal conveying speed

Calculation of pick-up speed in pneumatic conveying line, estimation of minimal conveying speed of solids, references for common solids handled process industries

Saltation velocity

Calculation of saltation velocity of solids in pneumatic conveying lines

Choking velocity

Calculation of choking velocity of solids in pneumatic conveying lines

Air velocity in pipes

Calculation of air velocity in pipes, references for dilute and dense phase

Air mass and volumetric flowrate

Calculating air volumetric flow rate and converting to mass flowrate

Pipe equivalent length

Calculation of the equivalent length of a complex piping layout

Solids particles velocity in pipes

Estimation of the solids particles transport velocity in pipes


Types of bends, impact on product, design

Solids breakage

What is breakage, how to calculate, how to reduce it

Pressure drop calculation

How to calculate the pressure drop in a pneumatic transport system

Pipe diameter or bore

Specify the right pipe diameter for a conveying line

Shortcut design methods for dilute phase conveying

Shortcut calculation methods to size a dilute phase bulk solids pneumatic transport line

Published design methods for dilute phase conveying

Explanations and comparison of different design models for dilute phase conveyed found in litterature. Calculation files.

Design methods for dense phase conveying

Calculation methods to size a dense phase bulk solids pneumatic transport line

Solids load ratio

Calculation of solids load ratio and reference values for dilute phase and dense phase conveying

Pipe blockages, line choking

Root causes of powder blockage and how to avoid it

Powder build-up

Root causes of powder build-up and how to avoid it

Selecting lean phase or dense phase

How to chose to convey a material in dilute phase or in dense phase

Blower power required

Calculate the power required to reach a given capacity in a conveying line

Horizontal conveying

Specificities of conveying solids in horizontal pipes

Vertical conveying

Specificities of conveying solids in vertical pipes